Episode 14: Rip Off Special

This episode focuses in on rip off merchants and lazy songwriters in the world of music.
Some stonkers, some you won’t agree with, some tedious inspirations, and a lot of broken rules. I can be serious, and don’t call me Jeff.
Download Episode 14

01 The Police – The Truth Hits Everybody
02 Coheed & Cambria – A Favour House Atlantic
03 Salt N Pepa – Push It
04 Metallica – Until It Sleeps
05 Misfits – We Are 138
06 Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead
07 Lostprophets – Burn Burn
08 Far – Mother Mary
09 Adamski – Killer
10 New Radicals – You Get What You Give
11 Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
12 Ministry – Burning Inside
13 Marilyn Manson – Astonishing Panorama of The Endtimes
14 Supergrass – Richard III
15 Marilyn Manson – 1996
16 David Bowie – White Light/White Heat
17 LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls


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